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The Lazy Person’s Guide to Cleaning Up Your Mac’s Startup Disk

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Has the “Your disk is almost full” notification popped up on your screen? It is time to do some work!

The notification isn’t something scary, so don’t start panicking. It simply means the startup disk is quickly running out of space because you have too much saved.

If you want to delve deeper into what this error means and how you can check disk space on your Mac, click

This blog by Setapp outlines the meaning of the error and the easy steps to check whether you are suffocating your system’s storage.

That said, if you consider yourself lazy or simply feel exhausted after a tired day at work and don’t want to make any added effort, the following steps can help you quickly clean up your Mac’s startup disk.

Adopt the Pristine Art of App Cleanup

Removing the applications you don’t need is similar to decluttering your wardrobe. There’s not much you have to do. Simply click the Applications folder and browse through the applications installed on your Mac.

Haven’t touched that video editing app in a while? Have too many photo editing apps? Have too many gaming apps you don’t open? Bid them farewell!

Also, make it your habit to delete apps after you have finished their use. For instance, you may have installed an app to check out what it offers but are not satisfied with how it works. Instead of simply quitting the app, uninstall it.

There’s no problem uninstalling and removing apps because you can always install them again.

Curb the Digital Hoarder in You and Use a Cleaner Tool

Files, documents, and downloads are everywhere, and not an organized byte in sight.

Channel the inner minimalist in you and let go of the urge to hoard digital files, documents, and downloads. Declutter your Mac by deleting all the files you don’t need. Scour every folder and every inch of your system to remove the files that are idly sitting, adding no value to your workflow.

As you embark on the mission to declutter your Mac, you will find several copies of the same file and documents hidden in different folders and sub-folders.

But of course, cleaning these files manually will not go down well with the laziness in you. Instead, use a cleaning tool for Mac to automatically clear the junk and make your Mac lightweight.

Using a cleaner app for Mac is equivalent to hiring a digital cleaner to do your job on your behalf. Simply give instructions to the cleaner tool, and the task will be completed before you need your Mac for a new day at work.

Tame the Beast, Aka Downloads Folder

Is your Downloads Folder a digital jungle? You are not alone!

Looking at a cluttered Downloads Folder can make you lose your mind. In this folder, files enter, but they are never seen or opened again. This folder needs some serious organization.

You can sort the downloads by size and date. Delete the ones you don’t need. As for the lazy twist, you can set your Mac to automatically delete the downloads from the folder after a certain period. Sorted!

Embrace Automation

Automation is a lazy person’s best friend. It is a genius solution to your decluttering woes. It can save you a lot of time and effort.

Hazel and similar tools can automatically sort the files and organize them. These tools can also remove the files that are redundant. You can set specific rules that the tools will abide by when cleaning your system.

You can think of these tools as your digital butler. You don’t have to lift a finger, but your work will be done.

Finally, Focus on Regular Maintenance

Do not let your Mac’s startup disk reach a point where it cannot breathe. Don’t let it be so full that you must waste your time cleaning unnecessary files and documents. Regular maintenance is the key to keeping your Mac uncluttered so you can lead your lazy lifestyle.

You can set a regular maintenance reminder every month so you remember to run cleaning tools or browse through files. This will keep your system free of clutter, and you can prevent seeing the “Your disk is almost full” error.

The Bottom Line

Once your Mac is clutter-free, you can marvel at the performance of your rejuvenated MacBook. The system will become visibly faster, and there won’t be issues of the system crashing or the apps freezing. Also, you can install the yearly macOS updates without worrying whether there’s enough storage space.

A decluttered, organized startup disk is a reality. So, embrace this lazy person guide and help your Mac’s performance shine.

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