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Fire from Sunlight with a magnifying glass is possible?

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We all are grown up by watching some TV serials where we had seen Fire from Sunlight with a magnifying glass. We were amazed that how it could be possible! Today, we will talk about what is a magnifying glass and how we can create fire with a magnifying glass. So, stay till the end, because at the bottom you also get a modern-day technique of creating fire from a flashlight and magnifying glass.


What is a Magnifying Glass?

The word “Magnifying Glass” sounds much fascinating and the kind of attraction works in our mind that what actually is it?

Actually, Magnifying glasses are a type of optical device based on the principle of the Convex lens that used for viewing an object in detail by magnification. This glass helps us to read text and images accurately. In a magnifying glass, the lens adjusted so that the image of the object formed at the least vision which is 25 cm. In short, we can say that it’s used for viewing a small object in larger.


How does a magnifying glass work?

Already we learned that a magnifying glass is a base of the convex lens that means it has cranked outward as same as our eye. In a different manner, a magnifying glass worked the same as our eyes did.

Now in your mind, a question must be overwhelming that “If these worked as the same so why we don’t see the magnified image by our eye?”

The answer is too easy to say that magnifying glass has a curved outer edge so that it can bend the light wave quite differently than our eyes therefore we see a larger image than it.

If you hold an object near to a magnifying glass then the light waves are widened before they focused on our eye. The magnifying lenses absorbed the parallel rays in and then gleamed it so that all light coverage as they exit.

In Layman’s Law, there says that Lightray enter a lens next to another and exit the lens we intertwined, So we saw an illusion that an image of an object than what exactly is


How do you use Magnifying glass?

There are various types of use of magnifying glass in our daily life. We know that a magnifying glass magnifies or make an object bigger than it’s

Size. So if I look around I can find some small thing that I can’t observe much better. These types of things I can see much easier by using them. I can also read a book and various kinds of amusing work by it. A magnifying glass is also used for crime investigation and other things. You all will be happy to know that the legendary character ‘‘Sherlock Homes’’ also used this magnifying glass for his investigation. With a magnifying glass, we can also fill up our curiosity about seeing something.



Fire from Sunlight with a magnifying glass

Producing heat (fire) using Magnifying glass :

 Making fire! with a magnifying glass. How interesting a matter it is.

It’s possible to produce heat by using a magnifying glass. It’s too easy to make heat(fire) by this. We already knew that a magnifying glass is made by a convex lens.

To make heat,

We need to set up a focal length that the bunch of the light rays reflected in the smallest target point. While the target point is too small heat will grow much there. In a convex lens, the light becomes a bunch of lightwave and heat will produce.


Fire from Sunlight with a Magnifying Glass is possible?

Yes, It is possible to make fire from sunlight by using a magnifying glass. For that, we need to do a fascinating experiment. For that experiment, we need a piece of mandatory equipment that is a magnifying glass, a piece of paper, and Sunlight.

First, make a reflection of the sunlight on the paper using the magnifying glass. If the reflection is small then there will produce much heat. We need to set the focus distance in that way the bunches of light will refract in the small target point. Then the paper will start to burn and the lights will become a bunch of light rays.


How to start a fire with a magnifying glass and Flashlight?

It is quite possible to make fire with a magnifying glass. In our previous answer, we have learned that It possible to make fire by using the Sunlight but making fire with a Flashlight!  is it possible?

Yeah, it can be possible to make fire with a flashlight but with a typical flashlight we use, is not possible to make it. We need to ensure a High power(Watt) produce flashlight for this you need more power supply. You can use more battery to produce a great type of flashlight which can emit high-quality light ray. Then you can use more than one magnifying glass that can make a high-power light beam like nearly a thin lesser.

If you can make a situation with the above circumstances, then use the magnifying glass to focus the light ray of the flashlight on some tinder( like paper, twigs, etc. ). Wait for a while, the tinder thing may start to burn.

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