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Is 500gb ssd enough for gaming?

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If you are a gamer then I bet you want the best performance in games. if your pc, laptop, or even mobile has low storage capacity then it will surely affect the gameplay.

Gamer always wants to have a good experience of playing games on their device, won’t they? For this purpose their need lots of space in their device storage. Games are taking a lot of space in our store because they are huge in size and gamers want to play every game that is released on the market.

If you are one of them then this article is best for you. Here I will show some facts about SSD drives, after that you will get the answer of the question. Is 500GB SSD enough for gaming?

To be honest, no. If you’re buying a drive, get the biggest SSD possible. They come in sizes up to 2TB and more, and they can be more expensive than the equivalent hard drive, but your PC will thank you.

What is SSD drive?

SSD (Solid State Drive) is one type of storage device that has no moving part but it entirely works on the electronic signals. It means there are no moving parts in it like Hard Disk, which contains mechanical arms and heads for reading and writing data.

An SSD drive contains no disk, unlike hard drives which contain disks to store data. While the hard disk is slower in speed, an SSD is faster because it doesn’t have any spinning or moving parts inside. It has no latency issue like RAM (Random Access Memory), so it can read and write files at a much faster rate.

An SSD drive has many memory chips on a single circuit board that looks like a large flash drive. These memory chips contain an electronic component that holds data and can be written or read quickly by a computer, as opposed to hard drives which have moving parts, including disks and read/write heads, so they are slower at reading and writing data.

Is 500GB SSD enough for gaming?

I think now you got the answer to the question, is 500GB SSD enough for gaming? The answer is yes and no both. If your PC or laptop has only 500GB of storage space then not all games will run smoothly on it. Some games will run smoothly but some may lag because the 500GB storage capacity is not enough for gaming.

If you want to play all games that are released on the market then you must need 1tb space on your pc or laptop. If you have this much space then I think it will be perfect for playing any game without lagging. But 500GB SSD is good for pc or laptops but it is not dependable for gaming.

500GB SSD is very much popular these days because of its features and price. It is very cheap in price and offers plenty of space to store your important data. You can buy 500GB SSD at a low cost these days if you go to any online shopping site like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. They are offering 6 months of warranty on all SSD drives. I also recommend you buy an SSD drive if your device is lacking space. SSD’s are faster than conventional HDDs (Hard Disk Drives) and give a better gaming experience in my opinion.

Do I really need 1TB of SSD storage?

SSD is considered a good upgrade for a user’s computer. Users usually want to buy a fast SSD, but they often overlook the capacity of SSDs. However, most people do not understand that an SSD must be used in conjunction with a hard drive because of its small capacity compared to HDD. So I hope this article can help users to save some money when they plan to upgrade their computers.

SSD is a very important part of modern computer systems because it can increase a PC’s performance and responsiveness significantly. Although SSDs are more expensive, the size hasn’t been a problem for users who buy PCs with small storage or low budget. However, while most users want a fast SSD, they often ignore the simple fact that a PC needs a hard drive to store large files. In this condition, even 1TB SSDs will not help their performance because the gap between HDD and SSD is too big.

Let’s look at an example:

As you can see from the chart above, only 15% of an HDD’s capacity can be used for OS and applications, while the rest of the space is wasted. 1TB SSDs are not much different from HDDs in terms of OS utilization ratio. To make things worse, today 1TB SSDs cost around $500. That means users must pay at least $141 per 100GB to have their operating system on an SSD. (1TB SSDs cost around $500, while 100GB SSD costs about $141.)

Some users may say 1TB SSDs are useless because they do not want to spend more than $140 for 100 GB of flash memory. However, it’s the user’s choice whether he/she wants to buy a 1TB SSD or not. I just want to say that you should try to get the most out of your money, if possible.


How much storage do standard games typically need?

Many users plan to upgrade their computers because they want to play new games without lagging. Generally, an AAA game is about 30GB nowadays. Newer games are even larger than that, but most modern gamers do not mind paying $60 for a game and 50-100GB of download before they can play it. If you consider the price for a modern 1TB SSD, you will see that the cost per 100GB is way higher than HDD if you buy both of them at their standard retail price.

Space Required for Gaming Minimum 20GB Recommended 30-50GB Maximum 80GB

Some people think that a 50GB requirement will soon be the standard for games. However, this is not true at all; it’s just an example of how large modern video games are. If you want to get the best performance for your PC, I recommend you to get 2TB or 3TB hard drive because even a 1TB SSD does not reduce your game’s loading times dramatically.

Why do you need to care about size while buying an SSD for gaming?

An SSD is an important purchase when it comes to gaming, but many gamers aren’t aware of the key differences between different sizes. Smaller drives, such as 120GB SSDs, are great for smaller systems with relatively few games and applications installed. A larger drive, such as a 240GB SSD, will hold more games and applications, as well as store large media files such as movies. The smaller drives are generally more affordable, while the larger drives offer greater storage capacity at a higher price.

You can find many different sizes of SSDs. There are also different sizes of hard drives, as well as different speeds and power capacities. It’s important to choose an SSD that is right for you. You can start by looking at different sizes. The 120GB SSD is good if you are playing a few games, such as Call of Duty.

If you have a lot of programs and games installed on your computer, then the larger 240GB SSD will be better for you. If you are running an operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8, you can also look at the different speeds and power capacities. This is important because it can help you to save money and improve your performance.

Best SSD Configuration for gaming

At this point, I think you probably know the answer to the question “how much storage do standard games typically need?”. If your game library is small and you do not want to buy a 3TB HDD, then a 1TB SSD may be an ideal solution for you.

However, as long as your budget allows it, buying both an HDD and an SSD is the best solution for most users. Why? It’s simple: you can keep all your files on a regular HDD, and use the SSD for OS and games.

This configuration uses 2 drives in RAID 0 mode. If you do not know anything about hardware configurations, please do not try to make any changes to your computer or this configuration.

The Truth About SSDs for Gaming

No matter what kinds of SSDs are available in the market, they are always much faster than HDDs because there are no moving parts on them. If you have money to spend, then a 1TB MLC NAND flash SSD is an optimal choice for most users because it’s fast but not too expensive. 1TB MLC-based SSDs are only $141 per 100GB, so you will save money by avoiding massive download times.

Even if you don’t want to spend that much on an SSD, I recommend getting a 500GB MLC PCIe-based SSD. 500GB is enough space for most users’ games and data for years because AAA game size has not increased dramatically over the past few years.

Please note that my analysis is only valid for SSD’s price and performance in the USA.

I think it’s also worth mentioning that MLC PCIe-based SSDs are much faster than SATA III 6Gb/s SSDs because they use four Gen3 lanes instead of two. If your motherboard does not support MLC PCIe-based SSDs, you should buy SATA III 6Gb/s SSD instead of MLC PCIe.

When your motherboard does not support MLC PCIe SSDs, consider buying SATA II 3Gb/s SSD because it’s only $60 per 100GB and can still be used on most computers.


In conclusion, I’ve shown you how much storage modern games need and the best SSD config for gamers. If possible, please do not try to save money on buying second-hand SSDs because bad sectors are very common on used drives.

I hope that this article helps you choose the right hardware configuration for your computer. Thank you!

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